In most cases we establish consultancy agreements with our clients on a contract basis for specific projects or on a retainer basis for long term advisory assignments.  In most cases we work alongside an internal team and the company's existing advisors.

We use a sequential process that delivers value at each stage. 

A review of the current business and a listing of operational and strategic choices for the business.  This stage can lead to the preparation of a business model.

Estimating the benefits and risks of each choice. This stage can include identifying the components of value in the business or in a potential acquisition or joint venture. 

Evaluation of each choice with the owners and identification of the operational and strategic choice for the business.

Establishes the financing and structure of a transaction so as to deliver the best possible after tax results, in consultation with your tax advisors.

With the key components of value known by you, negotiation is focused and purposeful.

Due diligence by auditors and/or specialist asset valuation companies is targeted at the components of value, substantiating the price being paid. Contract negotiation and completion deliver the value in a secure manner. 


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