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Centre for Development of Industries

Joint European Venture Programme (JEV)
Joint Venture Programme (JOP)
European Community Investment Partners Programme (ECIP)
Centre for Development of Industry (CDI)

CDI's assistance aims at supporting the creation, expansion, diversification, rehabilitation or privatisation of industrial enterprises in African, Caribbean and Pacific countries. The services it supplies are subdivided into four facilities:
Facility 1 Identification of projects and potential partners
Facility 2 Operations prior to implementation of a project
Facility 3 Financial and legal structuring of the project
Facility 4 Project start-up and development
In this framework, the CDI intervenes, free of charge, providing its own expertise, or makes a non-reimbursable financial contribution. The CDI does not finance the investment of the project but helps to seek out and put together a financing package.
The requests for assistance submitted to the CDI are evaluated on the basis of the financial and technical viability of the projects and their contribution as regards the development of the country concerned. The total amount invested in these projects, or the value of the assets in the case of existing companies, must be between 200,000 and Euro 10 million. Smaller companies may be accepted in certain cases: pilot projects, regrouping of several companies with a view to joint assistance, priority industrial sectors, etc.
CDI's contribution is in the form of advice, technical assistance or subsidy. CDI's contribution is limited to a max. of 150,000 ECU per project and per year. In addition, the cumulated amount of all contributions to the same project/company must not exceed 300,000 ECU and must be less than 20% of the total investment, except in the case of pilot projects.
CDI's contribution is limited to maximum 2/3 of the total cost per project and per year (i.e. beneficiary promoters/companies must contribute at least one third of the cost).
BHP Capital can arrange applications to the European Community for subsidies under CDI through its association with Europa Bank AG (a subsidiary of Dresdner Bank).

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