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EC Subsidies
Joint Venture Programme (TACIS/PHARE)

Joint European Venture Programme (JEV)
Joint Venture Programme (JOP)
European Community Investment Partners Programme (ECIP)
Centre for Development of Industry (CDI)

The Programme is essentially aimed at Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) from the European Union intending to invest in the Central and Eastern European Countries (CEEC), the New Independent States (NIS) and Mongolia.

The Programme offers different types of supports which take into account the different stages of creation and development of an enterprise:

  • preliminary information research(EuroJOP Data)
  • preliminary and feasibility studies (Facility 2)
  • success grants following the implementation of joint venture projects (Facility 3 - Phare),
  • equity participation or guarantees (Facility 3 -Tacis),
  • training and technology transfer (Facility 4).

The Programme addresses especially the projects of creation of a joint venture. Projects related to the expansion of an existing joint venture are allowed only in the NIS and Mongolia.

For projects taking place in the CEEC, only EU SMEs are eligible.
For projects taking place in the NIS and Mongolia, in addition to SME's which are given priority, those EU companies are eligible (including subsidiaries) which have:

  • a maximum of 1.000 employees;
  • net fixed assets of a maximum of EUR 150 million;
  • not more than one-third of their
  • share capital held, directly or indirectly, by one or several large companies.

The EU contribution is available upto a maximum of Euro 2 Million depending on the area in which the jiont venture is to be established.

BHP Capital has particular expertise in the Baltic Region including contiguous parts of the Russian Federation.  We can arrange applications to the European Community for subsidies under JOP through its association with Europa Bank AG (a subsidiary of Dresdner Bank).

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